Floating Wind & Tidal Stream Energy

Scotstream is in the process of developing a new design of Floating Wind Turbine. The design is based on an improved configuration of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT).

The VAWT Turbine can be used on land or on piled structures in shallow water. However, the main application of this technology is for use in deeper water on floating structures.

It has been estimated by the European Wind Energy Association (July 2013) that “The energy produced from turbines in deep waters in the North Sea alone could meet the EU’s electricity consumption four times over”, ref Deep Water Report.

Marine Scotland commissioned a Deepwater Floating Wind Technologies Report that identified 7 pilot areas for Floating Wind Development around Scotland.

More information on this Technology will be available in 2017.


floating wind energy

The Scotstream Floating Wind system will use the same methodology and components as the Tidal Stream and Wave Energy devices.

The Structure will be assembled and tested onshore and then towed to the offshore site. Hook up will be to an armoured umbilical mooring system. The structure will then be free to weathervane around the seabed anchor.

The same Permanent Magnet Electrical Generator, Switchgear , Cabling, Connectors and Control Systems will be used.