Hydrobox Market

Hydrobox Market

The main market for the Hydrobox will be for “Run of River (ROR)” application.

The technology will also be marketed to the Utility Companies for both clean water and wastewater energy applications.

The device will also be promoted as the converter mechanism for both Wave Energy and Tidal Lagoon Energy applications.

Device Developers

The Scotstream Hydrobox design calculations and fabrication drawings will be made available under licence to device developers.  This will enable the units to be supplied locally and avoid international shipping.

Site Developers

Scotstream will provide technical support and guidance to developers on how to optimize the resource available and the installation site.

Community Groups

Scotstream can provide technical expertise and advice to Community Groups that are interested in using smaller scale devices, typically 100 kW or 200 kW.

Government Departments

Scotstream are interested in working with local government departments and development agencies. This would help maximize local content in terms of the fabrications and also the component Supply Chain.