Licensing Agreements

The Scotstream Hydro, Wave, Tidal Lagoon, Wind and Tidal Stream designs will be available under a Technology Licencing Agreement.
The philosophy is to make the technology licence easily available to all to speed up the implementation.

The core Control Components and Electrical Cabling will be made available as a Kit.

The Structures can be fabricated local to the operating site in a workshop or shipyard.

Technical Training and Guidance Documents will be provided on how to manufacture, assemble, test and install the units.

Guidance will be provided on how to operate, maintain and repair the units.

Supply Chain Management

Many of the components used in the energy devices are the same, namely:

  • Structural Steelwork
  • Electrical Power Transmission
  • Control and Conditioning Equipment
  • Armoured Umbilical
  • Mechanical Bearings and Seals

A Specification will be developed for each of the Products or Services required. The local Supply Chain will then be used to provide everything required to fabricate, assemble and test the devices.

Project Navigator

These technologies are very new.  To speed up the implementation process, Scotstream will develop process navigators for each of the technologies. These will guide developers through the various stages involved in the process from initial feasibility through to operations.

A number of industry guidelines and standards need to be developed for each of the Technologies.

Product Navigator

For each of the technologies, Scotstream will develop a product navigator which will provide guidance on how to design, specify, build and then install the devices.

This will enable the devices to be quickly designed to suit the operating site and operating condition. The use of standard Supply Chain Products and Services will also make this process efficient.