River Hydro Applications

The unit can be mounted on the river bank or on a floating barge. The pipe inlet will be at a higher elevation and will be screened to prevent debris and fish from entering the pipework system.
The pipe can be routed over the ground, buried in the ground or can be laid on the river bed.
The water can discharge through pipework or a tailrace directly back into the river.


Run of River systems have a number of advantages when compared with Dams;

  • They do not block the natural river flow
  • They do not displace large number of the local people as a result of their construction.
  • They do not use large amounts of concrete and resources in their construction.
  • They are not capital intensive and do not take long to construct and install.



The Hydrobox units can be arranged in a stepped series following the gradient of the river.  The water only requires to be extracted from the river once.  It can be used on the first unit.  The discharge can then be supplied to the inlet of the second unit.  A number of units can be piped together in a closed series.


It should be noted that the units do not have to be routed along the riverbank.  The units could be routed alongside an access road and then discharge back into the river at a lower elevation.

This arrangement provides a lot of flexibility in terms of the site installation and the amount of power that can be generated.