Low Head Hydro Energy

Hydrobox Energy Device

The Scotstream Hydrobox is a novel design of converter that can be used for any low head, high volume water resource.

The Scotstream Tidal Stream device is basically an evolution of the traditional “Overshot” waterwheel that is package into a sealing housing.  The “Sealed Shot” design will enable more water to be handled by the wheel and also enable energy to be converted by both the water and the air fluid cycles.  The device is calculated to have the highest efficiency of any water wheel at 90%.


The device is unique in that it is ideal for low water head from 1 Metre to 10 Metres and for large flowrates of up to 3000 M3/Min.graph

In the hydro industry the current solution for low head applications is the Archimedes Screw.  The main problem with this device is that it has to be installed at a specific location on the river that has the required head height.  This usually involves the construction of a Lade and Weir or Dam.  The cost of the civil construction work can be considerable and also may take several months to complete.

The Hydrobox requires very little site civil works.  It just requires an inlet pipe to be routed from upriver and a discharge pipe routed back into the river.

The diameter of the rotor can be sized to suit the head height available.  The length of the rotor can be sized to suit the flow rate available.  The design is fully flexible and can be specified for 100 kW through to many MW generation capacity.  

System Description

The Hydrobox consists of an inlet reservoir, hydro generator housing and an outlet in-outreservoir.

The box can be installed on a level area beside the river.  An inlet pipe can then be installed
from the unit to a position higher up on the river – to provide the required head.  The end of the pipe will be terminated in an Inlet Filter to prevent fish and debris from entering the pipework.

The water then passes through the overshot rotor causing it to rotate.  This rotation is converted into electricity using a Permanent Magnet Generator.  The water is then discharged back into the river through the outlet pipework.

The Generator can be used in Dam, Weir or Run of River applications. The system can also be used to convert the energy available in Utility clean water and waste water systems pipework. 



System Design, Fabrication, Installation and Operations

Guidance will be provided on how to develop the different application for this technology.

A set of power calculations will be provided so that the system can be designed to suit the site resource available.

A set of Autocad 2D fabrication drawings and Inventor 3D Models will also be provided.

The Hydrobox is a very simple steel fabrication.

It can be fabricated by any workshop or shipyard.

The Hydrobox can be easily installed and then commissioned.

The Hydrobox required very little maintenance and should have a long service life.

The only components that will require periodic replacement are the sealing elements.


The Hydrobox will run automatically and does not require to be operated.