Marine and Renewable Energy Technology

Scotstream Generation Limited is a Marine and Renewable Energy company based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Scotstream is developing the Hydrobox water energy converter.  This is basically an “Overshot” waterwheel that is packaged into a sealing box.  This a very efficient device that can be used to convert any low head, high volume water resource in to electricity.  The unit is designed to fit in a standard shipping container for ease of transportation worldwide.

The main use will be for Run of River (ROR) hydro applications.  The container is easy to install on the river bank.  Inlet pipes can the be routed from up river into the unit.  Outlet pipes can then be fed back into the river.  Minimal civil work will be required on the site which will considerably reduce the costs and installation duration.

The same technology can be used for wave energy and tidal lagoon energy applications as they are also a low head, high volume water resource.

Scotstream are also developing an enhanced design of vertical axis crossflow rotor.  This device can be used for onshore, nearshore and floating wind applications.

The same technology can also be used for Tidal Stream energy applications, when combined with environmental inlet screens.

The Scotstream approach is to licence the technology on a global basis. This will enable any party that is interested in developing renewable energy sites to have direct access to the technology and manufacture the devices in their own local area. This should reduce costs and speed up implementation of the technology.

Hydro Energy

The first product that Scotstream is developing is a low head hydro unit. This will be packaged into a shipping container for ease of shipping and installation.


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Technology Licensing

The device designs will be implemented by licensing the technology. The devices can be fabricated and assembled locally using a kit of core components from Scotstream.


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Wave and Tidal Lagoon Energy

The Hydro unit developed by Scotstream can also be used for wave energy and tidal lagoon applications as these also are based on a low head, high volume water resource.

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Floating Wind Energy

Scotstream are in the process of developing a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine which can be used on land or offshore. Its target application will be for Floating Wind energy.


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  • Product Navigator

    Product Navigator

    Scotstream will provide a product Navigator for each of the technologies to provide guidance on how to design and specify the devices. These will provide guidance on how to design, build assemble and then test the units. Guidance on installation, operations and maintenance will also be provided.


  • Marine & Subsea Engineering

    Marine & Subsea Engineering

    The proven technology in the Oil & Gas industry will be transferred into the renewable devices. Many of the components are already easily available for use onshore or can be marinised for use offshore.


  • Environmentally Friendly

    Environmentally Friendly

    It is well understood that the installation of renewable energy devices may have an impact on the natural environment. An Environmental Impact Assessment will be performed for each of the Scotstream devices to ensure that they are environmentally friendly.


  • Project Navigator

    Project Navigator

    The Renewable Energy industry is in its infancy and the process of developing operating sites is complex and time consuming. Scotstream will develop a Project Navigator to provide guidance on the process stages involved.


  • Low Head Hydro Market

    Low Head Hydro Market

    The Hydrobox Low Head Hydro unit is primarily aimed at the "Run of River" hydro market for both Community and Commercial applications. The device will also be marketed to the Clean Water and Wastewater Utilities.


  • Future Hydrobox Applications

    Future Hydrobox Applications

    The Hydrobox can be used for both Wave Energy and Tidal Lagoon Energy applications. These are basically the same type of resource i.e. low head and high volume.