Tidal Stream Energy

The weathervaning floating structure and mooring system can be used for Tidal Stream Energy applications.

The floating structure can accommodate 5 off turbines each rated at 1 MW.

The nominal diameter of each turbine blade will be 20 m.

The turbines would be mounted on the floats on the aft of the structure. The structure would weathervane in the tidal current to always position the turbines into the flow.

The aft floats would each be equipped with handling systems to enable the generator unit to be easily moved from the float to a support vessel.

The turbine blade hub and drive shaft would also be moved by the handling system onto the back deck of a support vessel.

Access by personnel onto the floating structure will be provided in the lee of the structure.

The floating structure can be located in place using a hybrid single line mooring system. This system has the electrical power cable protected within a steel riser pipe.

The pipe would be supported by a number of mooring chains and buoyancy units.